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Institution of Primary Engineers

The aim of Primary Engineer is to develop the skills and confidence in teachers first and then extend from this secure foundation. The programmes are whole-class focused, including learners of all abilities. Two members of staff attend a practical training day.
Throughout the process we aim to link engineers to the school so that they can help and advise, becoming the pupil’s classroom engineer. We will offer an engineer a free training place alongside the teachers, if they commit to working with the school. This engineer can be part of the schools wider ‘family’, at the invitation of the school.
Events are held to celebrate the pupils’ (and teachers’) work and are great opportunities to embark on a little ‘industrial espionage’ with other schools for the following year.
Primary Engineer offers a range of courses, all mapped to the curriculum, and with access to a virtual learning environment full of teaching resources. For a full list of courses and content, contact info@primaryengineer.com

Our Vision

Our vision: is to bring engineering into the heart of schools, enabling a greater understanding of engineering in the world today and to help prepare the engineers of future generations.

Or in the words of Cian, 8 years old, who applied for membership in 2014;

“I would love to be a Primary Engineer to make the world a better place to live.“

School Memberships

Curiosity, enthusiasm and commitment are the characteristics expected from all our members. To apply for a school membership, please click sign up.

Learning & Resources

The Primary Engineer Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will provide access to all the resources and documents needed.

Our Aims

- To provide a mechanism for pupils and students to acquire transferable skills associated with engineering by engaging with the Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer competencies.

- To provide a structured framework to map the efficacy of school based STEM engagement.

- To provide a role for practising engineers in the provision of professional contexts for learning.

- To engage the local community with engineering through the school.

- To expose pupils to the diversity of engineering disciplines.


The Institution of Secondary Engineers is a school pupil’s membership institution, with the aims of supporting, guiding and nurturing an interest in engineering.

Early Years Engineer: a launch pad for investigation, scientific enquiry, curiosity and dialogue, through day-long courses to support teacher CPD.
Primary Engineer: STEM by Stealth! Designed to integrate numeracy, literacy, science, design and technology into Primary engineering projects.
Secondary Engineer: building the enthusiasm, maintaining the drive, raising aspirations and knowledge.

Scottish Learning Festival 2016

The Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland by Dr Susan Scurlock Hon Fellow Iesis

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