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Greater Manchester Leaders Award

The award, funded by Siemens and the venue provided by Oldham Council and Oldham Enterprise Trust, and supported by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, invites pupils from Primary and Secondary schools in the Greater Manchester region to be inspired by an engineer from a local industry. They can then apply an engineer’s eye to the world and identify problems in need of solving. When they have settled on their idea, they draw and annotate it, making clear what the problem is and their unique solution to it.
All entries we receive will be awarded certificates, some will achieve Merits and Distinctions. A panel chooses two great ideas from each year group. These winners are presented with awards as part of a private show and awards day, followed by a public exhibition. For more information contact the info@leadersaward.com or register your school link below provided.
Primary Engineer and the Leaders Award extend their thanks to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and many other Greater Manchester industries for their support. The aim is to inspire pupils with the extraordinary careers available to them in the region, meet engineers and understand their career paths and motivation.

Greater Manchester Supporters

Oldham Enterprise trust
oldham council
Stroller Charitable Trust
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2016/17 Greater Manchester Winners

Winners 2017

Oscar Pilch from Greenfield Primary School Oldham, is a Year 1 pupil. Inspired by Steven Murgatroyd of Unity Partnership, Oscar devised “The Marsh Meow Machine 5000,” fruit and vegetables go in one end and the tasty Marsh Meows (Marshmallows) come out of the other end.
Millie Ragg, a Year 1 pupil from Greenfield Primary School Oldham was amongst the children inspired by Steven Murgatroyd of Unity Partnership and who went on to design the “Smoothie Maker,” a device to make smoothies, Millie ensures it has lots of fruit.
Olivia Leyland was inspired by Paul Buxton of Buxton Designs, who took time to visit Beaumont Primary School Bolton. Olivia, Year 2, devised a solution to home alone animals; the “Pet Carer” is a machine looks after cats and dogs and other animals, it has a controller and food with it.
Martha Bullough attends Christ Church CE Primary School Leigh, currently in Year 2, Martha was inspired following a visit to the school by Phil Greenwood of Sellafield; Martha devised the “Sock Sorter,” a robot that sorts sock by size, pattern and colour.
Katie Hufton, a Year 3 pupil at Greenfield Primary School Oldham, met Steven Murgatroyd of Unity Partnership during a visit to the school and developed the idea of the “Up Down Wheelchair,” which can go up and down to assist disabled people in supermarkets, where shelves are often too high or too low. The devise is controlled by buttons and has a shopping basket hook for added convenience.


Joshua Wilson from St Paul’s Primary School Oldham, is a Year 3 pupil who was inspired by Andy Wilson to invent the “Bin Scanner,” a device attached to bins that enable the user to scan an item of rubbish to ascertain whether it is recyclable or otherwise.
Isabella Hart is a pupil in Year 3 at Rushcroft Primary School Oldham. Following a visit by Will Queenan of SIMMS to the school, Isabella was inspired to devise the “Speaker Remote,” a bracelet worn by visually impaired people who want to listen to the news on the radio or TV; the user simply tells the device to turn on and the radio or TV will turn on.
Madison Wilcock was inspired by Alistar Waller of Thales during his visit to St Paul’s Primary School Oldham. Madison, a Year 3 pupil, invented the “Heat Slipper,” which was specifically designed for elderly people or those with medical complaints that leave the sufferer with cold feet, these items of footwear have a battery-powered heating element to warm the wearer’s feet.
Daniel Croft, a Year 5 pupil at Greenfield Primary School Oldham, was inspired by Steven Murgatroyd of Unity Partnership to invent the “Thermostap,” a device to help people to stop scalding themselves on hot water. It is a state-of-the-art thermostat that fits inside taps to cool down, or heat up if necessary, the water as it pours from the faucet.
Joshua Kenway attends Hey with Zion Primary School Oldham, he is a Year 5 pupil who, along with his class, was inspired by Mark Dawson of Nordex during a school visit. Joshua devised a solution to help prevent food waste; the “Out of Dater” scans food and tells the user, firstly, what it is and then, when it will be out of date for eating.
Shaili Khimani is a Year 6 pupil that attends Beaumont Primary School Bolton. Inspired by Paul Buxton of Buxton Designs Shaili devised the “Cake ‘O’ Maker,” a combined Laser-Cutter and 3D Printer for shaping and icing cakes.
Bradley Beresford who attends Rushcroft Primary School Oldham as a Year 6 pupil, was inspired by Will Queenan of SIMMS to develop an innovative modification to existing cycling technology. Bradley’s invention the “Road Safety Bike” is made from lightweight carbon-fibre, the device consists of indicators and at the rear of the seat, an LED display, showing the speed of following vehicles with a camera incorporated to transmit images of speeding cars’, vans’ or lorries’ registrations to the police.
Livia Luckson is in Year 7 at Loreto Grammar School Altringham. Livia inspired by Jennifer Gilleece of Network Rail, to design a portable medical data bank; this invention, the “Medical Microchip” is secured by a finger-print recognition system, carried by users in the form of a watch that contains all of the medical records of each individual person which, should the need arise for a swift diagnosis or in the event of a medical emergency, would be a benefit to medical staff.

2016/17 Greater Manchester Winners

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