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Meet Arnav & Mihika – Real Primary Engineers

AMPS young People Film from Offshoot Films on Vimeo.


‘We have a new twitter follower!’ does not normally stop people in their tracks, however in this particular case, the Twitter follower is 8 years old and he had just started following the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems – AMPS.
At 8 years old – Arnav Sharma is a child inspired. In 2016 we launched our Primary Engineer Leaders Award in London with the help and support of UCL, asking children to interview engineers and then ask themselves the question ‘What would you do if you could be an engineer? Arnav entered.
Take a look at Susan’s interview with Arnav and his sister Mihika to hear how Arnav developed his AsthmaPi kit in response to seeing a friend on a school trip have an Asthma attack. There is little doubt Arnav is an exceptional young man with lots of promise. His final advice to engineers in the video is ‘Never give up’.  Arnav however, is not the only engineer in the family. When Arnav entered the competition, he was shortlisted, it was then we met his little sister, Mihika, who has also now one of our awards.
It is always interesting how people get ideas. Arnav’s AsthmaPi Kit came from a direct observation of a friend’s asthma attack. Mihika had seen her mother helping a blind lady to cross the road but she missed a step and the lady tripped. Mihika was affected by the incident and started drawing designs for a ‘Smart Stick’ for blind people, to help them walk safely by themselves. Mihika is 6 years old!
Her design updates the iconic white stick, creating a modern aid bristling with digital technologies – including a vibration alert signal for nearby obstacles, a water sensor to warn of puddles, audio warnings and even a GPS sensor to provide directions to the user via Bluetooth earphones; a Smart Stick indeed. The concept excited engineers at UCL who are now turning this into a real product, which will be on display very soon.
If you are inspired by Arnav and Mihika and the work of Primary Engineer please contact us and help inspire more Primary Engineers to never give up!

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