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So far at Primary Engineer:
I heard about Primary Engineer Leaders Award and wanted to get involved.
As a Graduate Mechanical Engineer working for Babcock International in Scotland, but on secondment in Lancashire, Primary Engineer put me in touch with Rosewood Primary School in Burnley. I arranged with the school to come in and have a chat to their pupils about Engineering.
First of all, I prepared and emailed in a ’child friendly’ CV for the children to look at before I arrived so they would have plenty of questions prepared to ask me – and, boy, did they! The prospect of talking to over 150 children was daunting at first as I had not really done this STEM thing before but, when I arrived, the children were so very excited as most had never met an engineer before (let alone a girl engineer!!) and they had been busily researching the subject prior to my visit so they were all very eager to listen as I gave my presentation about engineering – what it is, the different kinds of engineering and the kinds of things I do as an engineer – those initial worries I’d felt dissolved very quickly.
The children were so enthusiastic about engineering and had so many questions to ask. They were fascinated about the design aspect of engineering and wanted to know what I have made and how long it took me and why I, a girl, wanted to be an engineer because they had assumed it would be a boy engineer coming to talk to them!! Some children were so keen that they even researched engineering topics at home and wanted to understand more about things like different metals and space shuttles.
The whole experience was very rewarding for me as most of the children wanted to be engineers by the end of the session… so I think it was pretty rewarding for them, too. It was especially great to see the girls so engaged and so interested in the subject as some of them thought that girls are not meant to be engineers!!
I think they now know that’s not true!
Hannah McLaughlin


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