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Are engineers born, or raised?

Historically, many engineers were inspired by their father or grandfather. But what if children don’t have these role models? And what if you are more likely to be inspired by people of the same gender? How can we make careers in engineering of interest to all, irrespective of gender or socio-economic background?

We believe children’s next natural role models – teachers – are the key. For teaching staff who have enjoyed the one-day CPD as part of our classroom-based engineering project and revelled in engaging pupils with the cross-curricular application of science, maths and technology, we offer the Professional Recognition programme Engineering STEM Learning. This is a Master’s level course, incorporating research into the current STEM educational landscape, a chance to link with a wide number of engineers across all professional levels and a cycle of action research.


The course gives teachers an opportunity to consider the impact of our practical, project-based activities, linked to local engineers and industry. Action research enables teachers to assess the impact of the project and review their own pedagogy. Meeting engineers in their working environment allows teachers to widen their understanding of the opportunities open to young people in industry and consider their motivation, inspiration and skillset.

Early Years Engineer: a launch pad for investigation, scientific enquiry, curiosity and dialogue, through day-long courses to support teacher CPD.
Secondary Engineer: building the enthusiasm, maintaining the drive, raising aspirations and knowledge.
The Primary Engineer Rogers Knight Award celebrates inspirational engineers in Primary and Secondary Engineer classrooms.
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