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North East Leaders Award

This award, funded by The Reece Foundation, and supported by the Discovery Museum, invites pupils from Primary and Secondary schools in the north-east of England to be inspired by an engineer from a local industry. They can then apply an engineer’s eye to the world and identify problems in need of solving. When they have settled on their idea, they draw and annotate it, making clear what the problem is and their unique solution to it.
All entries we receive will be awarded certificates, some will achieve Merits and Distinctions. A panel chooses two great ideas from each year group. These winners are presented with awards as part of a private show and awards day, followed by a public exhibition.  For more information about the North East Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Award please click below and register now for 2017-2018 competition or email info@leadersaward.com for more information.
Primary Engineer and the Leaders Award extend their thanks to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Siemens, The EEF, Nissan, SEVCON, Elring Klinger, the NE Automotive Alliance and many other NE industries for their support. The aim is to inspire pupils with the extraordinary careers available to them in the region, meet engineers and understand their career paths and motivation.

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Winners 2017

Samuel Baird is a Year 1 pupil from Coquet Park First School in Whitley Bay, who has invented the “World Travelling Classroom,” which would give teachers access to 4 or more classes around the globe by way of a video link
Harry Anderson, a Year 1 pupil at Coquet Park First School in Whitley Bay, has devised a solution to those perennial problems of “leaves on the tracks” and “wrong kind of snow” by way of “The Railway Cleaner”.
Brody Richardson from Year 2 at Coquet Park First School in Whitley Bay, has designed the “Light Bike,” powered by solar energy and pedal power, illuminating the rider’s way home at night.
Freya Gell from Year 2 at Coquet Park First School in Whitley Bay, has invented the “Mega Bike Park” for her school, where bicycles and scooters are transported by conveyor belts to boxes on a wall to keep safe whilst the children are in class.
Luke Shields, a Year 3 pupil from Hilton Primary Academy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, devised “The Water Clearer,” so that children in Africa will have access to clean drinking water.
Joseph Harrison Hogarth, a Year 3 pupil from Coquet Park First School in Whitley Bay, has devised a “Shark Submarine” to clean-up all the rubbish in the ocean, unlike real sharks, this one doesn’t eat fish!
Dean Armstrong is a Year 4 pupil at Chillingham Road Primary School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Dean has invented the “Car Hand Scanner” for people locked-out of their cars and cannot find their keys. T. Ecclestone from Wellstream Engineers visited Dean’s school and inspired the children.


Jack Malik is a Year 4 pupil from Bournmoor Primary School in Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham and was amongst the children inspired by Ian Green from Nissan. Jack has invented the “Tinky Toothbrush,” in which toothpaste, stored in the handle, is hydraulically squeezed through to the business end of the device to the brush itself.
Rubie Whitaker is a Year 5 pupil at Ramshaw Primary School in Bishop Auckland, County Durham who has invented the “Opening Sensor,” which will alert farmers, like her dad, when gates or shed doors have been left open. Chris Buck from Filtronic Broadband Ltd visited Ramshaw Primary and inspired Rubie and the other pupils there.
Sophie Thornton is a Year 5 pupil at Dame Allan’s Junior School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, whose innovation is “The Hockey Mate,” a portable, plastic, hinged hanger; designed to be suspended from the fence surrounding the hockey pitch it prevents one’s kit from becoming soaked or lost. Mark Jackson from MJ Associates inspired Sophie when he visited her school.
Ben Hantman is a Year 6 pupil attending Dame Allan’s Junior School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and he has devised the “Care Chair,” which will help older people get out of chairs by gently raising the seat using a single Linear Actuator. Mark Jackson from MJ Associates was instrumental in helping to inspire Ben.
Shanika Chabala is from Hilton Primary Academy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne – she is in Year 6 and her invention is “The Notes & Reminders Machine,” which, as the name implies, will greatly assist dementia sufferers to remember what they need to do on a daily basis.
James Stanley is a Year 7 student at St Cuthberts Catholic High School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who has devised “The Collar Messenger,” which is designed to send dog owners a text message if their pet wanders more than 100 metres from home; this chip is housed in the dog’s collar.
Christopher Simpson is a Year 7 student attending St Cuthberts Catholic High School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he invented “The NFC Lock,” a phone app that, once opened on your phone will unlock your doors by way of a tap on the side of the lock.
Zoe English is a Year 8 student from St Wilfrid’s RC College in South Shields and she has invented the “Glow-in-the-Dark Seatbelt Clip,” which allows car passengers, travelling at night, to locate the buckles with ease and belt-up!
Thomas Probyn is a Year 8 student attending St Cuthberts Catholic High School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Thomas has come up with the ingenious “iTile” which, embedded in classroom ceilings, would act as individual projectors for every student allowing easier interaction.

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