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The South Leaders Award

Funded by the University of Southampton, this award invites pupils from Primary and Secondary schools across the southern region of England to be inspired by an engineer from a local industry. They can then apply an engineer’s eye to the world and identify problems in need of solving. When they have settled on their idea, they draw and annotate it, making clear what the problem is and their unique solution to it.
All entries we receive will be awarded certificates, some may achieve Merits and Distinctions. A panel chooses two great ideas from each year group. These winners are presented with awards as part of a private show and awards day, followed by a public exhibition. For more information about the South of England Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Award Exhibition 2017-2018 contact info@leadersaward.com
Primary Engineer and the Leaders Award extend their thanks to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Siemens and many other SE industries for their support. The aim is to inspire pupils with the extraordinary careers available to them in the region, meet engineers and understand their career paths and motivation.

The Southern Supporters

Winchester Science centre and Planetarium

2016/17 South of England Winners

Winners 2017

Lyla Davies-Gaskin attends May Park Primary School in Bristol. Lyla is in Year 1 and was inspired by a visit from Thierry Pope from MOD. Lyla invented the “Litter Car,” which is a vehicle that drives around picking-up litter, you can also have a ride in it!
Marwah Gure is a Year 1 pupil at May Park Primary School in Bristol, who has devised the “Toothpaste Brush,” a toothbrush with the required paste built-in for easy dispensing! Marwah was inspired by Thierry Pope from the MOD.
Jazmine-Grace Phillips, a Year 1 pupil from Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School in Dover, Kent, has designed the “Life Jacket/Raft,” a Life Jacket that, when required, will transform itself into a Life Raft to help save lives on water.
Sam Jongeleen from Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School in Dover, Kent, is a Year 2 pupil who invented the “Reacher Shoes,” these are items of footwear with built-in extensions that enable users to reach objects in high places.
Georgina Bulley attends Wonersh and Shamley Green Church of England Primary School in Guildford, Surrey. Georgina, a year 2 pupil, was inspired by Simon Chilvers of WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, to develop a “Voice Activated Wheelchair,” it is not only controlled vocally, it also has grippers to stop the passenger from falling out, a foot-plate, air-conditioning and a handy food table.


Bella Hunt is a Year 3 pupil from May Park Primary School in Bristol. Inspired by Thierry Pope from MOD, Bella invented the “Fun Noisy Rubbish Bin,” a solar-powered, waste receptacle that travels around playgrounds asking adults and children if they have any litter to dispose of. It also makes noise.
Lili Butler was inspired by Bill Austen from Qinetiq when he visited South Farnham School in Surrey. Lili, a Year 3 pupil, invented the “Toothpaste Sweet,” a confection designed for diabetics to stop their teeth from blackening and falling-out because, although the outer shell is sugar, the innards are 100% toothpaste.
Jacob Beatty, a Year 4 pupil from Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School in Dover, Kent. Jacob devised the “Alzheimer’s Rewind Machine,” a wearable, portable device that assists people with dementia by having a complete list of tasks to achieve each day (set by cares) and audio/video assistance to remind them of how they do things.
Neve Jeffery from West Town Lane Academy in Bristol is a Year 4 pupil who designed the “Fridge Food Saver,” which works by consumers scanning their fresh-food purchases prior to storage in the refrigerator. The device, attached magnetically to the fridge, displays a list of those items due to go past their ‘use by’ dates.
Isabelle Britt attends Kingsnorth Church of England Primary School in Ashford, Kent. Isabelle is a Year 5 pupil, was inspired by Alice Lacy from Houses of Parliament to invent the “Energy Making Playground,” a whole environment designed so that the playing equipment generates energy when children play on them.
Chloe Beton is a year 5 pupil from Redlands Primary School in Fareham, Hampshire. Chloe was inspired by both Mike from Designcraft and Dave from Gravatom to invent “Music Ears,” hearing-aids with the capacity to allow wearers to listen to music/radio utilising Bluetooth.
Isabel Llewellyn attends Brookfield Junior School in Aylesford, Kent, where she is a year 6 pupil. Isabel was inspired by Mr Bootle from Diesel Injection Systems to design the “Slidescape.” The invention is a slide attached to a window that, when you use it, it creates kinetic energy.
Dylan Raybould was inspired by Leon Horsfield from Balfour Beatty when he visited Beech Grove Primary School in Taunton, Somerset. Dylan a year 6 pupil designed the “T.D.P. (Triple Diabetic Pen),” the device is an Epi Pen and meter combined so you can test your sugar levels and self-inject your insulin, all with the same instrument.

2016/17 South of England Winners

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