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What is Secondary Engineer?

Not everyone wants to be an engineer, but we do want their skillset: problem-solvers, good maths and science skills, practical, great team-workers, communicators and entrepreneurs. We want to embed these skills and open pupils’ eyes to the world of opportunities on their doorstep.
Secondary Engineer has developed a series of cross-curricular projects to stretch and develop pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding. Teachers from maths, English, science, design and technology backgrounds are invited to attend a cross-curricular training day. We will aim to link you to an engineer or you can invite a local engineer you would like to be involved with the project, at no additional cost.
Challenges ensue from the whole class/year group activities. For a full range of courses, including Masterclasses for Primary transition, Fluid Power Challenge, Aero Challenge and the Institution of Secondary Engineers, contact info@primaryengineer.com
secondary engineer

Fluid Power

The Secondary project designed to build on the primary experience where hydraulic mechanisms are constructed and combined into a machine to move objects from one position and deposit them in another.

Engineering is all around us. It provides the infrastructure to our lives: it keeps us well and looks after us when we are not; it enables us to communicate and share ideas. The Leaders Award offers the opportunity to look at the world in a global sense or at a very small part of it, find a problem and create a solution. All entries receive a certificate. Shortlisted entries are exhibited and awards made to the best from each year group.

Our vision: is to bring engineering into the heart of schools, enabling a greater understanding of engineering in the world today and to help prepare the engineers of future generations.

Or in the words of Cian, 8 years old, who applied for membership in 2014;

“I would love to be a Primary Engineer to make the world a better place to live.“

Early Years Engineer: a launch pad for investigation, scientific enquiry, curiosity and dialogue, through day-long courses to support teacher CPD.
Primary Engineer: STEM by Stealth! Designed to integrate numeracy, literacy, science, design and technology into Primary engineering projects.
The Primary Engineer Rogers Knight Award celebrates inspirational engineers in Primary and Secondary Engineer classrooms.

Kirkless Secondary Engineer Fluid Power Training

Imech President Impressed by Secondary Engineer Fluid Power Challenge

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