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Spotlight on Primary Engineer Mechanisms with Levers, Pulleys & Gears

Our Primary Engineer Mechanisms with Levers, Pulleys & Gears offering is the logical course for teachers to follow after attending the structures and mechanisms with basic electrics training. It sees the teachers taking their construction techniques into 3D by building structures using the Primary Engineer technique of stripwood and card triangles. The focus for the day is to construct a lifting and lowering device which is operated via a switch connected to a gearbox. The design is also complemented with more advanced electrics as the teachers build simple series and parallel circuits and investigate the differences. These electronic circuits can then be fitted to the 3D model to complete the individual projects.

We have delivered the course in several locations across the UK and it has proved to be very successful. Teachers work in pairs to create their own designs which means we haven’t seen two models which are alike. The course really does allow the teachers to demonstrate their previous knowledge, creativity and the new technology taught at the beginning of the day in support of the build.
The images are from a session un in our in-house training facility here in Burnley.


If your interested in the Primary Engineer Mechanisms with Levers, Pulleys & Gears course contact us here or if you would like to see more information on the Primary Engineer Programmes click here.


  1. Jean Tulloch

    I would be really interested in the levers and pulleys workshop. I am based in linlithgow , West lothian,Scotland. I have already been doing the moveable buggy for 5 years.
    Do you have any courses in Scotland?

    1. universeofengineering

      Yes we do! Drop us an email at info@primaryengineer.com and we will be more than happy to you 🙂

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