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Team Proto Roll-over Bench

Sneaky peak of the ‘Roll-over Bench’ by Grace Finlay


‘We have now finalised our bench design and have started the manufacturing stage of the project. This blog will describe the bench design, operation and basic manufacture.
Our key aim for the final design of the bench was to make something that would demonstrate how fascinating engineering can be, by creating a machine where every component had a functional purpose and the all of the workings of the bench were visible. We also wanted a design which is aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at. This exposed, yet functional design encourages the audience to look closer at the bench and investigate how it works. The three main sections of the final bench design are the frame, the seats, and the drive system. An annotated render is shown below detailing the names of specific components.’  Read more click here to see Team Proto’s project





To see the final product come along to the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award Exhibition in June!


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