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Get to know more about Team Proto 2016/2017



Age: 22 | Location: Glasgow

What do you study and why? I study Aero-Mechanical Engineering. I chose to study this as in school my favourite subjects were both physics and maths. In 2011 I was chosen to attend the University of Strathclyde’s Scottish Space School. From this I gained an insight into the world of engineering and gained a love for space travel. This course therefore suited my interests perfectly.
 Who is your favourite engineer? With my previously mentioned love for space travel one of my favourite engineers would have to be Gene Kranz. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical engineering and is best known as the flight director of Apollo 13. He truly is an inspirational man after refusing to give up on the three mission astronauts before safely rescuing and returning them to earth. His famous quote will always be one I will be motivated by “Failure is NOT an option”


Age: 22 | Location: Cumbernauld, Glasgow

What do you study and why? Mechanical Engineering because I was interested in how everyday things work. I also liked maths and physics in school and wanted to take my studies further within certain topics in these subjects.
Who is your favourite engineer? My favourite engineer is Patrick Head. He was the technical director at Williams during the 90’s when the Williams were doing well. He helped establish the team within the sport and worked his way up the ladder by starting of as the squad’s designer before progressing to technical director. He has achieved many things in his life and is an inspiration to me.


Age: 21 | Location: Crieff, Perthshire

What do you study and why? Mechanical Engineering with Financial Management. I chose this course based on my strong interest in technical subjects during high school. I loved visiting science museums when I was younger, and learning about how and why things worked. Engineering seemed the logical next step!
Who is your favourite engineer? Although more widely known for his work on physics rather than engineering; my inspiration is Albert Einstein. Einstein was very interested in the application of ideas, how to turn his designs into reality – he even held a number of patents! Engineering is just the application of physics, it’s the idea of improving the world through invention. Einstein once said; “A great thought begins by seeing something differently.”


Age: 22 | Location: Dunfermline, Fife

What do you study and why? I study Mechanical Engineering. Growing up, I always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together again to learn how they worked, studying engineering allows you to learn how a whole range of things work including the biggest and best machines in the world.
Who is your favourite engineer? My favourite engineer is Bill Nye, most well-known for his science TV show ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’. Prior to educating a generation of American children, Bill studied Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University in the state of New York and his first job was at Boeing where he developed hydraulic systems for the massive Boeing 747 aeroplane.


Age: 22 | Location: Aberdeen

What do you study and why? I study Mechanical Engineering. I chose to study this degree because it allowed me to gain a better understanding of how problems are solved all over the world. Also my favourite subjects at school were maths and physics, meaning this degree fitted perfectly with my technical knowledge.
Who is your favourite engineer? My favorite engineer has to be Rowan Atkinson. As well as being part of one of my favorite childhood TV shows, Mr Bean, he also has multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering. He has been hugely successful in his career and is a perfect example of how engineers can do absolutely anything.

Meet Team Proto 2015/2016

Beth, Dave, Eduardo, Gerry and Louise are Mechanical Engineers from the University of Strathclyde. As part of their final year course, they elected to work with Primary Engineer and The Leaders Award to bring one of The Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award 2015 designs to life.

Having selected one of the entries, they were tasked to work with its creator, Aidan McCann (pictured above with the team), to design and manufacture a prototype! Aidan was also the recipient of the Doosan Babcock Overall Winner Award 2015.
Over the last nine months, the team kept us all updated with their progress through their blog and a series of videos, describing the engineering process, addressing any problems they faced and how they overcame them. We were very glad to welcome the team to unveil their work and give a short presentation at the Barony Hall on 9th June 2016 as part of the Awards Ceremony for the 2016 edition of The Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award.
Following the work of the prototype team has been inspirational for the children completing the award this year and we look forward to working with another cohort of students next year!
For more information about this project, please see the team blog: https://engproto.wordpress.com where you can review their video diary and working drawings!
 Also, keep an eye on twitter, following @LeadersAward & @EngProto for daily updates and to contact the team with any questions about their work!

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