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The Primary Engineer training team have been exceptionally busy since the October half term, delivering a range of courses in a wide variety of locations. We have seen our new trainers Dale, Steve and Nick deliver their first sessions and they have been very well received by all the teachers, their enthusiasm and subject knowledge has enhanced the training they have delivered.



Our trainers have travelled as far afield as Levenmouth in Fife down to Leicester, with the North East and the North West also covered with training in Derby, Huddersfield and at our home base in Burnley. City of Glasgow College hosted a hugely successful training course at their Riverside Campus. The teachers were supported by a large number of engineers, including the team from the University of Strathclyde  who will be making the prototype from Scottish Engineering Leaders Award  2016.
The innovative, winning design  of a rotating park bench is already well under way, and we look forward to the grand unveiling at the Awards event at the Barony Hall on June 2nd 2017. We were also happy to return to Rolls Royce and deliver our Structures and Mechanisms with Basic Electrics course once again.




There were some ingenious designs produced which turned out to be some of the best hill climbers we have ever seen. The trainers were delighted to award the ‘King of the Hill’ award for the best climber. Once the teachers take this knowledge and expertise back into the classroom, we should see some excellent results at the celebration events during 2017.
This month’s figures:
·      116 Schools
·      233 Teachers
·      62 Engineers
·      5669 Pupils reached



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